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Why heat with corn?

At Pinnacle Pellet Stoves, we stand behind every multi-fuel pellet stove we sell with a solid one year warranty on all parts, and a three year warranty on the stove body.

Other corn stoves may look similar, but they sure don't work as well. Only PINNACLE Corn Stoves have the patented Energy BOOST System, which will save our customers THOUSANDS of DOLLARS.  It's like getting a FREE pellet stove delivered right to your front door! This EXCLUSIVE and REVOLUTIONARY System increases stove efficiency by an amazing 25% and allows PINNACLE Corn Stoves, or any similar type pellet stove equipped with the Energy BOOST System, to burn less fuel than ANY OTHER pellet stove! Pinnacle BLOWS AWAY the competition with the absolute BEST Corn Stove DEALS in the world!    GUARANTEED!


PINNACLE proudly introduces a BRAND NEW patented INDUCTION VENTING SYSTEM with NEGATIVE PRESSURE. We now offer the safest and most affordable true multi-fuel pellet stove on the market! Corn, Wood Pellets, Wheat: OUR STOVES WILL SAFELY BURN IT!

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