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Why heat with corn?

At Pinnacle Corn Stoves, we are constantly trying to improve our stoves, and we are committed to producing the absolute best quality multi-fuel corn and pellet stoves at affordable prices! 

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Other corn stoves may look similar, but they sure don't work as well. Only PINNACLE Corn Stoves have the patented Energy BOOST System, which will save our customers THOUSANDS of DOLLARS.  It's like getting a FREE pellet stove delivered right to your front door! This EXCLUSIVE and REVOLUTIONARY System increases stove efficiency by an amazing 25% and allows PINNACLE Corn Stoves, or any similar type pellet stove equipped with the Energy BOOST System, to burn less fuel than ANY OTHER pellet stove! Pinnacle BLOWS AWAY the competition with the absolute BEST Corn Stove DEALS in the world!    GUARANTEED!



                         Popular PINNACLE Accessories Currently ON SALE!!!


5" Direct Vent Kit - $250   Black Victorian Legs - $125   Black Modern Base - $175   Vacuum Corn Cleaner - $125


The following options are available for the Standard Model Emerald Model  Corn Burning Heating Stove.


Energy BOOST System

5" Stainless Steel Direct Vent Kit

Black Victorian  Legs

Black Modern Base

Deluxe Corn Cleaner

Double Life Warranty

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bullet Other corn stoves may look like ours, but they sure don't work like ours. Only PINNACLE Multi-Fuel Corn Stoves have the patented Energy BOOST System!  This system increases stove efficiency by an AMAZING 25% and allows PINNACLE Corn Stoves, or any other similar type corn stove equipped with our patented Energy BOOST System, to burn less corn than OTHER corn pellet stoves on the market/ It also helps reduce ash build-up in our stoves which greatly reduces stove maintenance. Buying less corn and refilling the hopper as well as cleaning the stove less often saves you both time and money!


bullet Easy to install. It's as simple as venting a dryer.


bullet Virtually smoke-free. We personally burn test each and every one of our stoves for one hour to insure quality.


 bullet Safe - no creosote or harmful fumes.


bullet Free of dangerous chemicals and explosives.


bullet Adjustable heat ranges from 8,000 BTU to 30,000 BTU which effectively heats up to 1,500 square feet.


bullet 5" Stainless Steel Direct Vent Kits and Adjustable Height Black Legs for Easy Installation are available.


bullet Built with the highest quality materials and workmanship.


bullet One year warranty on all parts.


bullet Three year warranty on stove body.


bullet PINNACLE Corn Stoves are THE SAFEST HEATING SYSTEM for your home and family, and are also ideal for mobile homes, unlike wood stoves, due to our ZERO-CLEARANCE DIRECT VENTING SYSTEM which allows all of our quality built PINNACLE Corn Stoves to be installed within inches of any wall.



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