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Why heat with corn?

Pinnacle Multi-Fuel Corn & Pellet Stoves burn 100% of the natural ingredients of the corn, pellets or other bio-fuels and emit no smoke!

Other corn stoves may look similar, but they sure don't work as well. Only PINNACLE Corn & Pellet Stoves have the patented Energy BOOST System, which will save our customers THOUSANDS of DOLLARS.  It's like getting a FREE corn pellet stove delivered right to your front door! This EXCLUSIVE and REVOLUTIONARY System increases stove efficiency by an amazing 25% and allows PINNACLE Corn & Pellet Stoves, or any similar type corn pellet stove equipped with the Energy BOOST System, to burn less fuel than ANY OTHER corn pellet stove! Pinnacle BLOWS AWAY the competition with the absolute BEST Corn & Pellet Stove DEALS in the world!




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PINNACLE proudly introduces a BRAND NEW patented INDUCTION VENTING SYSTEM with NEGATIVE PRESSURE. We now offer the safest and most affordable true multi-fuel pellet stove on the market! Corn, Wood Pellets, Wheat, Sorghum, Rye, Cherry Pits: OUR STOVES WILL SAFELY BURN IT!



Emerald 3000 Model

BTU 8,000 to 30,000 BTU
Hopper Capacity 60 pounds of multi-fuel pellets
Approx burn time on low 28 to 32 hours
Power consumption @ max 183 watts
Unit weight 180 pounds
Room Blower CFM @ max 180 CFM
Area heated efficiently up to 2,000 square feet
Vent requirements 5" through wall
Dimensions 20.5" w x 23" l x 24" high
  with legs add 8" to height


*Due to climates, corn grades and/or moisture content, individual room temperature preferences, dwelling design, insulation, etc., exact -  across the board - burn times and heated area efficiencies cannot be given. The above figures are an average based on customer feedback and may vary up or down depending upon individual dwelling variances.



Is a chimney required?

No. Pinnacle Corn Stoves are directly vented through any outside wall, or when used as a fireplace insert, directly out of an existing chimney.

How is the fire started?

The corn is ignited by using solid fire starter sticks or wood pellets and alcohol based fire starter gel.

Is there a thermostat?

The units are equipped with a manually controlled thermostat which regulates the amount of corn fed into the fire chamber, thereby controlling the temperature.

Does the room air blower have adjustable speed control?

Yes. The room blower is adjustable and may be regulated to match temperature and personal comfort levels.

Do Pinnacle Corn Stoves get hot on the top of the stove?

No. In fact, because of the hopper location in the top of the unit and the forced room air system, the top of the units remain cool to the touch.

What kind of maintenance is required?

Depending upon the temperature setting, at least once every 24 hours (sometimes twice if temperature settings are higher), a cinder forms in the fire box and must be removed with the provided clinker tool. The unit DOES NOT need to be extinguished to perform this operation. Normal daily maintenance requires about 3 minutes of time in order to remove the clinker and fill the unit with corn. Wiping the inside of the glass door with a dry rag or paper towel is also a good idea. About every 10 days to 2 weeks, the unit should be shut down and cleaned inside the fire chamber with a brush and then vacuumed out. This removes any dust residue deposits which can insulate the inside of the fire chamber and reduce heat efficiency. When cool, the glass may be cleaned with any type of glass cleaner.

Is there any smoke?

Pinnacle Corn Stoves burn 100% of the natural ingredients of the corn and emit no smoke.

How does it work?

The patented Pinnacle Corn Stove system consists of a forced air. auger fed configuration that allows high efficient operation and clean combustion of corn.

Will it burn wood pellets?

This stove has been improved from a corn only positive pressure stove to a negative pressure multi-fuel stove using a patented induction venting system which allows this stove to now safely burn wood pellets and other bio-fuels. Please read this manual carefully and follow all recommended cleaning and maintenance instructions. It should be noted that burning corn whenever possible is always preferable to other types of fuel since it is safer, cleaner and more efficient.


This stove is equipped with a safety shut-off device to prevent a stove fire. However, if you are burning wood pellets, or any other fuel other than corn, we require that all of those customers use a battery back-up device similar to those used to keep computer systems running in the event of a total power failure. This will prevent the heat and smoke from backing up the auger tube into the hopper if the power goes out. If your power goes out for extended periods of time, then you can use an AC/DC power inverter to run the stove if you need to for emergency heating. Pinnacle has both of these devices in stock and on sale if you need to purchase them from us.

How many BTU's in a pound of Corn?

Corn is approximately 9000 BTU per pound at 13% to 15% moisture content. Higher moisture content will result in reduced BTU output.



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